Website information opening announcement

<h4> <strong> 1. Authorization method and scope: </strong> </h4> <P> For the benefit of all parties to make extensive use of the website information, all materials and materials published on the website of the Civil Aviation Bureau of the Ministry of Communications can be protected by copyright, and provided for public use, free of charge, non-exclusive, and re-authorized. Anyone may reproduce, adapt, edit, publicly transmit or use for any other time and region to develop various products or services (referred to as value-added derivatives). This authorization will not be withdrawn and the user is not required. Obtain written or other authorization from this authority; however, when using it, the source should be indicated. </P> <h4> <strong> 2. related matters: </ strong> </h4> <P> (1) The scope of this license is only within the scope of copyright protection, but not other intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the provision of patents, trademarks, and agency logos. </P> <P> (2) Whether the personal data disclosed by the parties themselves or disclosed in accordance with laws and regulations can be collected, processed and used, users must plan and implement corresponding measures required by law in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law. </P> <P> (3) part of the video, audio, music, scores, special project essays or other works, users must be consented only after the special statement of the authority. </P> <h4> <strong> 3. should pay attention not to infringe on the third person's copyright of personality (including the right to express names and the right to prohibit improper alteration). </ strong> </h4> <h4> <strong> 4. use the materials and materials provided in this license, you must not maliciously change the relevant information, if the information displayed after use does not match the original materials and materials, the user must bear their own civil and criminal legal liabilities. </strong> </h4> <h4> <strong> 5. The authorization of this website does not grant users the status of suggesting, recognizing or approving their value-added derivatives on behalf of this agency. </strong> </h4> <hr>